About the Arbitration Circle e.V.

Arbitration is considered to be a modern and efficient form of dispute resolution in the commercial area. International arbitration offers the distinct advantage that on the basis of international conventions an arbitral award - in contrast to a judgment of a national court - is, as a rule, easier to execute in foreign countries.

The purpose of the Hamburg Arbitration Circle eV is to promote the concept of arbitration, and in particular the choice of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg as venue for arbitration proceedings. Hamburg offers exceptional advantages as an arbitration venue due to its long tradition of arbitration, the experience of its courts in the field of arbitration, and its many proficient arbitration practitioners.
To accomplish this aim, the society informs interested parties through lectures and debates about the advantages of arbitration proceedings in different arbitration venues and drafting possibilities for arbitration clauses. The “Hamburg Arbitration Dialogue" (Hamburger Schiedsgespräche) was initiated by the HAC to promote the professional discourse among Hamburg arbitration practitioners.

Society members regularly meet to exchange their recent practical experience as counsel or arbitrator. Contact
The HAC welcomes applications for membership admission from professionals with experience in the area of arbitration who wish to be involved with the HAC and the society’s aims. Acceptance of membership applications is decided by the board at is own discretion. Interested persons should contact a current board member.